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To see what the Designer's Companion is used for and how it is different from the Designing Stylus, please click here.
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Are you passionate about sewing your own clothes?
Are you frustrated with commercial pattern results?
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Once you learn the techniques of taking accurate measurements and applying them to a specialized master pattern that reflects your body dimensions, many of the fitting difficulties you’ve previously experienced will be totally eliminated by using the Sure-Fit Designs™ fitting and sewing system.  All of this and more is described in the short (4 minute) video to the right. 

You'll love the Adjust-A-Bust template giving you an A through E cup dart shape.

Click the forward arrow to watch.
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You'll receive:
  • Instructions for this 'Pretty in Peach Princess Jacket' design
  • Instructions for the Color-Blocked T-Shirt
  • 4-pg. essential Guide to Sewing Notions
  • Drawing tool - Designer's Companion (**with 1st Kit or Kit Combo order filled from the USA)

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Sure-Fit Designs provides:
  • Great-fitting patterns for all your family's sewing needs
  • Quick & easy pattern fitting solutions
  • Multiple Educational Resources
  • Unprecedented customer support
  • Fit  & Sew Retreats (a hands-on experience)
  • An international community of like-minded seamstresses
  • To get started with the Sure-Fit Designs pattern fitting system. Simply click on one of the images below.
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Receive 4 free gifts:
1.  4-pg Essential Guide to Sewing Notions
2.  Instructions for ‘Pretty in Peach Princess Jacket’ design
3.  Color-Blocked T-Shirt Fashion Leaflet
4.  The Designer’s Companion drawing tool (**with first Kit or Kit Combo order filled in the USA)
How to get started with Sure-Fit Designs?
End your search for the perfect-fitting pattern solution.  Sure-Fit Designs has so much to offer you.
Where do you want to begin?
1.To purchase a pattern fitting kit, go directly to the pattern fitting Kits – Click here.

2.Or...Head over to the Sure-Fit Designs Learning Center Video Library to learn more?  Click here.

See below for a small sampling of just a few of our 200+ free Sure-Fit Designs video experiences:
1.Fitting tutorial
2.Designing tutorial
3.Sewing Tutorial
4.Machine tutorial

Example: Fitting Tutorial
Sloping Shoulders - How to refine the pattern.
Example: Designing Tutorial
The Kimberly Blouse - designing with the Dress Kit
Example: Sewing Tutorial
Easy - Sewing a button with a thread shank
Example: Machine Tutorial
Get to know your Cover Stitch machine