Dress Kit
Dresses, Blouses, Skirts, Jackets, Coats
Pants Kit
Slacks, jeans, casual pants, dressy pants,
zipped or pull-on
Shirt Kit
Women's & Men's casual or dress shirts.  No dart pattern.
Children's Kit
Girls and Boys, Toddler's to Teens,
18"-36" around.
Men's Pants Instructional Package
Adapt the women's Pants Patterns with these instructions.
Designing Stylus
The Key to the Fitting System.  One tool works with all SFD Kits.
Designer's Companion
Tight & tiny curves are found on this companion drawing tool.
Tracing Vellum
Lightweight, durable, see-through, erasable.  The Best pattern tracing medium.
Beyond Bodice Basics
7 Bodices & Dresses designed with the SFD Dress Kit.
Available in tangible or download. Click here for details.
Pants that Mix 'n Multiply
6 Fashion pant styles designed using the SFD Pants Kit.  Available in tangible or download. Click here for details.
Sew Sensational Shirts
6 New styles and fashion using the SFD Shirt Kit.  Available in tangible or download. Click here for details.
4-Pg. Design Sheet
10 Fashion Leaflets
Maximize the use of all your SFD Kits with these instructional Fashion Leaflets.
Tangible or download available.
These must be ordered from the 'Details' page.
These Leaflets are included in the Works Combo.
Please Click Here.
Additional Download Only Fashion Leaflets
These instructional Fashion Leaflets are available through download format only.
They must be ordered from the 'Details' page.
Please Click Here.
Jeans Designing & Sewing Course on DVD
See how to fit & sew the best-fitting jeans from SFD.
Pants Fitting Course on DVD
14 Lessons - 2-DVD's - Skype session included.
See how to draw the Dress, Pants, Shirt & Child's Kits.
2-DVD set
3 hr. 45 min.
3-Kit Combo
3 primary Kits and accessories discounted
With your choice 10 or 20 yd Tracing Vellum (TV).
the Works Combo
Discounted for great savings.
With your choice 10, 20 or 50 yd Tracing Vellum (TV).
Want the best discount?  See what products and items are included in the Combo Package alternatives.
CLICK HERE for the Quick Combo Comparison Chart
Click on the specific product, kit, item or tool below to access details of each.  Orders can be placed from either this page or the product details page.

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Shirt Kit Options:

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the Works Combo PLUS
35.5% discount for one of everything in the current SFD product line.  From time to time, as new products are added to the SFD line, they will be added to the Works Combo PLUS.
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Pants Kit Options:

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3-Kit Combo-Vellum Size Options:

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Bodice Fitting Course on DVD
16 Lessons - 2-DVD's.
3.5 hrs instruction
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17 Fitting Lessons - Video Compilation
17 Lessons
Bodice & Pants Fitting
2 hrs instruction
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Fitting Commercial Patterns on DVD
8 Chapters
6 video examples
1 hr 45 min instruction
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SFD Gift Certificates
Sure-Fit Designs Gift Certificates are available in a variety of denominations.  Please click here for options.
Shirt Fitting Course on DVD
15 Lessons
2-DVD set
3 hr. 30 min.
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