15 Comprehensive Lessons
Be thrilled with the fit of the new Shirt Kit pattern for women & men!

The latest inclusive course to be offered on DVD
- the Shirt Fitting Course -
is now available.

Achieve the best Shirt fit with your
Sure-Fit Designs™ Shirt Kit

  • Get in-depth information on sewing the perfect fitting shirt pattern.
  • 2-DVD set with 15 individual Lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content
  • Lots of close-ups
  • How to quickly add a bust dart when needed
  • Detailed steps to add piping
  • Easy to follow - Easy to understand
  • Complete step-by-step sewing construction details demonstrated
  • 38 precise Pro-Tips on Fitting & Sewing
  • Filmed in HD for detailed clarity
  • Fit & sew successfully and love the finished results
  • PLUS included a downloadable 20-pg. Instruction Guide (illus below)
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Shirt Fitting Course (SFC) on DVD
$49.95 + S&H
(This DVD course is a separate item.  To accomplish the lessons, you will need the SFD Shirt Kit, Designing Stylus and Tracing Vellum.)
If you have any questions - Please email me.
Watch this short video introduction of the
SFD Shirt Fitting Course.  See highlights of the lessons covered including measuring, drawing the pattern, layout & cutting, detailed sewing construction steps, and try-on with fit evaluation.

(To watch this video - single click the arrow in the center.  To watch in larger format -  click the title bar and it will open up in YouTube.)
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15 Lessons include:
1: Introduction

2: Measuring your body accurately

3: Drawing Shirt Back

4: Drawing Shirt Front

5: Drawing the Sleeve pattern

6: Drawing the Accessory Pieces

7: Fabric Choice, Layout, Cutting & Marking

8: Detailed Sewing Construction Steps: Part 1 & 2

9: 1st Fit Try-on & Evaluation

10:Refinements & Minor Tune-Ups

11: How to Add a Bust Dart

12: 2nd Fit Try-on & Evaluation

13: Designing with the Shirt Kit

14: How to Add Piping

15. Conclusion

Slide Show of Lessons
(P.S. This 2-DVD set is NOT the same as the Sure-Fit Designs Introductory How-To DVD nor is it the same as the Curious lesson - Go Everywhere Shirt)
DVD includes refinements & minor tune-ups for:

  • Shoulder Asymmetry
  • Tight Neck
  • Rounded Back
  • Protruding Shoulder Blades
  • Sloping Shoulder
  • Square Shoulder
  • Forward-thrusted Shoulder
  • Narrow Upper Chest
  • Narrow or Broad Back

I'm sure you'll find this shirt fitting course very informative and useful for your fitting issues and for anyone you might be sewing for.
Downloadable Instruction Guide includes:
  • Lesson Outline
  • Pro-Tips
  • Sleeve Placket - Continuous Lap instructions
  • Fashion Leaflet - Camp Shirt with Piping
  • Fashion Leaflet - Women's Cargo Jacket
(P.S. This 2-DVD set is NOT the same as the Sure-Fit Designs Introductory How-To DVD nor is it the same as the Curious lesson - Go Everywhere Shirt)
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Shirt Fitting Course on DVD
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Exciting Announcement:
This Shirt Fitting Course DVD is now available in an online streaming video option.  Yes...that's right! For those of you who prefer to watch and follow along online or you don't have a convenient DVD player in your sewing space, most of our DVD's now come with an online streaming option.

With each physical DVD purchase, you will also receive a 100% Discount Code so that you'll have the option to view the lessons online if you want.  This code will be provided to you in your follow-up thank you letter that I personally will send you.  Please watch your Inbox.

If you prefer to simply purchase just the streaming online video version, please go to our new online sewing academy - www.sewfitacademyonline.com.  You'll be able to purchase and enroll for the course on this software platform.