Sew Sensational Shirts (SSS)
More designing fun!
A totally new, easy-to-follow & well-illustrated 24-pg. Shirt designing book with accompanying
1 1/2 hr. instructional DVD.

You've asked for the Sure-Fit Designs™ fashions to be updated.  This Shirt styles book is the third in the Mix 'n' Multiply series of new design books. It further extends and maximizes the capabilities of your SFD kits.  (Note** This book is to be used in conjunction with the SFD Shirt Kit).

Get started immediately with 6 current fashion designs with Sew Sensational Shirts.

See the Table of Contents for all the styles featured in Sew Sensational Shirts.
Copyright © 2010, Ranita Corporation, Eugene, OR
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Sew Sensational Shirts (SSS)
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Watch this short video introduction of
Sew Sensational Shirts (SSS).  See a visual explanation of all styles featured in this new how-to Shirt Styles book.

(Please note: This new book augments your current SFD Shirt Kit Instruction Book & Master Patterns.  It does NOT replace them.)

(To watch this video - single click the arrow in the center.  To watch in larger format - double click and it will open up in YouTube.)
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See a design you'd like but would rather sew with your Dress Kit bodice with the bust dart?? Many of these design techniques can be directly applied to your Dress Kit bodice:
  • the Hood
  • the Lapel/Revere Collar
  • the One-piece Dress
  • the Asymmetrical Wrap
  • the Detachable Collar
  • the Hidden Placket
  • the T-Shirt Crossover Shoulder detail
All you need to do is...Mix 'n' Multiply!
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Sew Sensational Shirts (SSS)
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