This Sure-Fit Designs™ Men's Pants Instructional Package will double the useage of your Ladies' Pants Kit.  With some simple modifications to the Ladies' Pant Patterns, you can custom fit the pattern to reflect the curves and contours of a man's body shape.

You will be able to:
  • fit your man with comfort and ease
  • design and sew casual slacks
  • design and sew dress slacks
  • design and sew jeans
  • design and sew jogging/rugby pants
  • add pleats
  • add cuffs
  • add wedge-angle pockets
It's all possible with the Men's Instructional Package.
(Please note - this Men's Instructional Pkg is an add-on to the Ladies' Pants Kit. i.e the Ladies' Pants pattern does not come with the Men's Instructional Package.  Watch videos for more information. )                                   $15.95
Copyright © 2010, Ranita Corporation, Eugene, OR
For Your Information/Awareness:
The essential Designing Stylus (curved drawing tool - unique to the Sure-Fit Designs™ patterns and system) is required to draw the curves of the Men's Pants pattern.
Men's Pants Pkg Options:

Sure-Fit Designs™ Men's Pants - Required Tools & Supplies:
* Pants Front & Back master patterns from Ladies' Pants Kit (not included in the Men's Instr. Package)
* Men's Pants Instruction Book
* Designing Stylus
* Tracing Vellum
* You would also need to have your own tape measure, pencils, eraser, yard stick etc.
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Discounted Men's Combo Pkg ($97.95 - click on the drop-down arrow above) consists of: the Men's Instructional Pkg (MP), the Ladies' Pants Kit (LP), Design Stylus, 10 yd tracing vellum & SFD How-To DVD
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Glenda Sparling

Finished jeans for her husband Dan.
Photo contribution by Kathleen S. - Eugene, OR
Men's casual pull-on pants - jogging/rugby pants
Precision stitching - well done, Kathleen!
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Men's Pants Instructions
Men's Pants Pkg Options:

Men's Pants...$15.95
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