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Pants & Bodice Fit & Sew Retreat
October 2013
We started with taking measurements and then the pattern drawing began. 
Location for all SURE-FIT DESIGNS™ Eugene/Springfield Workshop/Retreats:

Our Sewing Room
5th. & Main
Springfield, OR

Our Sewing Room is fully equipped and spacious with everything you need for your Retreat experience:
*Each student has their own cutting table.
*Private sewing space with a sewing machine for each person.
*Use of equipment (if you can't bring it on the airplane) - Shears, rotary cutters, tracing and marking notions, paper scissors, rulers, measuring tapes and tools.
*Irons and ironing boards.
*Lecture/demo area.
*Kitchen with microwave and refrigerator.
*High ceilings - excellent lighting.

Welcome to SURE-FIT DESIGNS™...Your Online Home for Pattern Fitting, Sewing & Designing!
Can't Attend?
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The Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants Fitting Class in now on DVD
For details Click Here.
And coming soon...Bodice/Skirt Fitting Course on DVD.  Watch the SFD Newsletters for details.
Students with considerably different body shapes and heights attended this hands-on workshop. They ranged from just under 5 ft. tall to just under 6 ft. and had quite diverse shapes to deal with.  This time, we had ladies from California, Washington, Kentucky and Oregon - all a delight to have attend.
I love to have you join me if you can in either the summer or fall Sure-Fit Designs Fit & Sew Retreat.  If you can't attend, you may be interested in our new Pants Fitting Course on DVD.
Kindly, Glenda
The SFD fitting system gets my highest praise.
'When I was a little girl, my sister and I would ask our mother to draw us paper dolls. Then my sister and I would draw and design clothes for our dolls by the hour. When I got a little older I sewed clothes for my dolls. When the Barbie doll came out during my teen years, I earned money to buy Christmas presents by sewing and selling Barbie doll clothes. There was a feeling of a limitless vista ... the ability to create anything I imagined. That sense of limitless vision has been returned to me. Now with Sure-Fit Designs I can, at long last, sew anything I can dream and they will fit like a dream. The Sure-Fit Design system gets my highest praise. If you ever get a chance to experience the SFD Fit and Sew Retreat, take it. If you can't come to a class, then get the DVD's. I can't say enough about how fantastic this system is.'
Kathleen S. - OR
Then the sewing begins...
Then the trial fit and pattern refinements if necessary.
(If you've ever tried to photograph muslin, or fabric that's been over-worked or not pressed properly, and the lighting is not the best, you'll know the challenges I face to show you these photos.  But here's a sampling anyway!)
All students then moved on to use their body blueprint to design the class projects - yoga pants and tank tops.
And...a comment about the studio, 'I appreciated the studio being open Thursday night and we were able to stay if we wanted. The studio was fantastic, lots of space, good lighting and if you forgot any supply it was there.'
And...the bodice Tank Top project!
'I was amazed and thrilled. The bodice fit to a "T" and the cowl next top literally gave me the chills when I looked in the mirror.'
Kathleen S. - OR
Kathleen veered from the norm with her great-fitting long sleeve, cowl neck blouse.
Miraculous Muslin...
For anyone with a nonstandard body and picky standards in how their clothing fits, this class is invaluable. Prior to the class, I made multiple muslins attempting my body blueprint on my own. Between my husband’s measuring that was a bit hit or miss and my fit issues, I anticipated a long and arduous week. To have the bodice fit almost perfectly from the proper measurements taken at the retreat, your insight into the changes needed in drafting my personal body blueprint, and one muslin was a miraculous and thrilling event in my life that I won’t forget. Thank you for helping women everywhere to feel beautiful no matter their size or body configurations!

Lynda A. - from CA
I learned so much...
The exercise where you gave us a commercial pattern and asked us to analyze which master pattern we'd base it on was helpful in sharpening my analysis of pattern features.

I'd dreamed of drafting my own patterns for years and could never figure out how to get started. I was delighted to find so many articles and videos on the web site; they gave me confidence that this was a well thought out fitting system that could help me accomplish my goal. I found the instructions comprehensive and easy to follow.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sure-Fit Designs to anyone wishing to take their garment skills to the next level.

Denise K. - WA
Informative & productive...
I found this week to be informative, and productive and enjoyed my time immensely. 

Meeting others and soaking up new ideas – which SFD is a totally new concept to me. I loved the sharing amongst ourselves, and the tidbits & tricks I learned from others while there.  I’m blessed to have been fortunate to be there.. and have the opportunity to partake in the week.

It was a super group of ladies.. and we all melded together working side by side.. at our own pace, yet accomplishing the same outcome – wonderfully fitting ..custom made clothing patterns for our bodies!

Thanks Glenda for a wonderful workshop – I truly enjoyed my time with you, and feel so fortunate to have made the commitment to attend the 6 day class.

Barbara - CA