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Pants & Bodice Fit & Sew Retreat
July 2014
First - the teaching.  Well, taking personal measurments came first, but no photos were taken.
Location for all SURE-FIT DESIGNS™ Eugene/Springfield Workshop/Retreats:

Our Sewing Room
5th. & Main
Springfield, OR

Our Sewing Room is fully equipped and spacious with everything you need for your Retreat experience:
*Each student has their own cutting table.
*Private sewing space with a sewing machine for each person.
*Use of equipment (if you can't bring it on the airplane) - Shears, rotary cutters, tracing and marking notions, paper scissors, rulers, measuring tapes and tools.
*Irons and ironing boards.
*Lecture/demo area.
*Kitchen with microwave and refrigerator.
*High ceilings - excellent lighting.

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Participants from far and wide...2 ladies came from Canada, 3 from various California locations and one local Eugene lady attended.  With the diversity of shapes, the SFD master patterns were put to the test...and came out with flying colors!
I'd love to have you join me in one of the Sure-Fit Designs Fit & Sew Retreat.  If you can't attend, you may be interested in our new Bodice and Pants Fitting Courses on DVD.
Kindly, Glenda...the Good Stitch!
Then the pattern drawing begins...
Of course there is always lots of individual help.
If they need it, I encouraged the students to design in a back and front center leg seam if I thought it would enhance their fit.  It did!
This center seam simply allows so much more flexibility when shaping the fabric to your body contours.
Many had time to at least begin (if not finish) the bodice tank top project.
Everyone got at least one final project started, and in most cases, completed.  The yoga pants project helps you to understand how to work with knit fabric in relation to the Master Pants Pattern.  It's also relatively quick to sew.  One lady went on to sew a copy of one of my pant styles.
Bodices came next.  And yes, you can guess that by Friday everyone had absorbed a lot of information.  6 days is truly packed full of information.
Thank you for your time and effort to ensure that my patterns fit. I am so blessed to have been able to attend your class, and came away with more knowledge due to your sharing.  I am so pleased, that I actually have been checking my stash to see what I am going to make next.  I spent a lot of time going thru some new fabric that I just received, and I can actually know that when I make the tops that they are going to fit! 

S. D. - BC Canada
My goals were definitely met. 
Measuring: Getting myself measured and watching others get measured and re-measured was valuable information for me.

Fitting: I feel the fundamentals of fitting were properly explained, illustrated, and demonstrated.

J. F. - California
The sewing begins....
Then the trial fit and pattern refinements if necessary.
(If you've ever tried to photograph muslin, or fabric that's been over-worked or not pressed properly, and the lighting is not the best, you'll know the challenges I face to show you these photos.  But here's a sampling anyway!)
My only comment is that I wish I had learned this information much longer ago.  Then I would probably have come out of sewing retirement earlier!  I can't tell you how inspired I am to renew my love for sewing thanks to this class and the people I've met.

J. F. - California
As one student asked, '"I've been sewing for such a long, will I really learn anything new?"
After the workshop she replied, "I was learning something new every day.  The class was well worth the money spent and the effort to get there. I learned things about fitting I had never even thought of and by "listening" in on the others needs and the answers you gave them I got some insight on how to fit others which was one of my goals."

F. A. - Fresno, CA
This was a wonderful, fun sewing retreat, to learn the SFD system from the Obi-Wan of SFD. The course improved my understanding of garment fitting and my sewing skills, re-ignited my interest and passion for garment construction and allowed me to meet, talk and laugh with other sewers.

B. C. - Ontario, Canada
I learned a LOT!
You are a gifted and wonderful teacher.

T. M. - San Diego, CA
For the first time, I truly understand what my body looks like, how to make the most of the curves and lines, and recognize why things fit the way they do.

M. G. - Eugene, OR
Upon her return, Teresa designed her first 'real' blouse and pants from her body blueprint.
Her comment: ' My first designs.  I'm thrilled with the results'.  And so she should be.  Both blouse and pants fit beautifully.
Well done Teresa!