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Pants & Bodice Fit & Sew Retreat
July 2013
We fit and had fun too...

Location for all SURE-FIT DESIGNS™ Eugene/Springfield Workshop/Retreats:

Our Sewing Room
5th. & Main
Springfield, OR

Our Sewing Room is fully equipped and spacious with everything you need for your Retreat experience:
*Each student has their own cutting table.
*Private sewing space with a sewing machine for each person.
*Use of equipment (if you can't bring it on the airplane) - Shears, rotary cutters, tracing and marking notions, paper scissors, rulers, measuring tapes and tools.
*Irons and ironing boards.
*Lecture/demo area.
*Kitchen with microwave and refrigerator.
*High ceilings - excellent lighting.

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The Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants Fitting Class in now on DVD
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Students came from far and wide - Mexico, Florida, Idaho, Portland & Eugene.  each of you brought your unique talents and wonderful personality to the pants and bodice workshops.
We fit sloping shoulders, rounded backs, forward thrust necks, large upper arms, apple and straight-shaped torsos both tall and short.   (If you've ever tried to photograph muslin that has been 'worked over', you'll know that the wrinkles are not fit issues).
I love to have you join me if you can in either the summer or fall Sure-Fit Designs Fit & Sew Retreat.  If you can't attend, you may be interested in our new Pants Fitting Course on DVD.
Kindly, Glenda
And when the fitting was all accomplished, the 'sister's designed and sewed their yoga pants and tank tops.
Notice the well-fitting armholes.  The SFD Bodice master pattern provides special dots for sleeveless garments so they sit higher/tighter to your armhole...consequently - no gapiing.