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Pants & Bodice Fit & Sew Retreat
April 2014
We started with taking measurements and then the pattern drawing began. 
Location for all SURE-FIT DESIGNS™ Eugene/Springfield Workshop/Retreats:

Our Sewing Room
5th. & Main
Springfield, OR

Our Sewing Room is fully equipped and spacious with everything you need for your Retreat experience:
*Each student has their own cutting table.
*Private sewing space with a sewing machine for each person.
*Use of equipment (if you can't bring it on the airplane) - Shears, rotary cutters, tracing and marking notions, paper scissors, rulers, measuring tapes and tools.
*Irons and ironing boards.
*Lecture/demo area.
*Kitchen with microwave and refrigerator.
*High ceilings - excellent lighting.

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Ladies with different body shapes, heights and asymmetry attended this hands-on fitting workshop. They ranged from just under 5 ft. tall to close to 6 ft. with quite diverse body shapes.  Students came from California, Washington, Iowa, Utah and Canada - all a delight to have attend.
I love to have you join me in one of the Sure-Fit Designs Fit & Sew Retreat.  If you can't attend, you may be interested in our new Bodice and Pants Fitting Courses on DVD.
Kindly, Glenda
Then the sewing begins...
Then the trial fit and pattern refinements if necessary.
(If you've ever tried to photograph muslin, or fabric that's been over-worked or not pressed properly, and the lighting is not the best, you'll know the challenges I face to show you these photos.  But here's a sampling anyway!)
The "bootcamp" was a superb learning experience and just being around you and learning a tiny bit of what you know was a great pleasure. 

The 3 days on each of the pant and bodice basics were very intense but I was able to end up with good basic patterns for each and a test garment to refer back to. 

I am in awe of your vast knowledge and the in-person experience with you was so beneficial.  I'm a visual and hands-on learner so being with you, and doing the drawing and sewing with your advice, will make a big difference in how I continue to use the Sure-Fit Designs system and resources.  I'm really glad I invested in the trip to come to the retreat.

D. Elliot - Edmonton, AB - Canada
I encouraged the students to design in a back  and front center leg seam if I thought it would enhance their fit.  It did!
This center seam simply allows so much more flexibility when shaping the fabric to your body contours.
One student had substantial asymmetry with one hip higher than the other.  It was so easy to identify and deal with when a waist elastic helped to change the slope of the waist cutting edge.
The yoga pants project was almost completed.  This project helps you to understand how to work with knit fabric in relation to the Master Pants Pattern.  It's also relatively quick to sew.
Bodices came next.  And yes, you can guess that by Friday everyone had absorbed a lot of information.
After struggling for two years on my own (my problem was asymmetry not with the fitting system) the individualized attention was exactly what I needed to get the bodice and pants to fit correctly. I wish I had participated a year ago.

B. W. - Utah
I cannot thank you enough for providing this opportunity. Your knowledge of fitting a multitude of body types and issues ensured that we all left with well fitting blueprints. I am very glad I was able to attend and would not hesitate to recommend Sure-Fit Designs and the fitting workshop.

S. Ortiz. - CA
The Fitting Commercial Patterns demo/lesson was clear and beneficial.  I am sure that we all have a treasure trove of patterns that mostly are tired and not so true, so we now have the tools to easily make the changes and modifications that are needed to make them fit.

C. Kitman - Iowa