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To see what the Designer's Companion is used for and how it is different from the Designing Stylus, please click here.
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Exciting News!
All SFD Combos now come with the online streaming video version of the DVD that is included in the Combo.  In your 'Thank you' letter that I personally send to you, you will receive the relevant 100% Discount Code(s) for viewing your DVD online if this is your preference.

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For Your Information/Awareness:
The essential Designing Stylus (curved drawing tool - unique to the Sure-Fit Designs™ patterns and system) is required to draw the curves of all SFD patterns.  The Designing Stylus is not included with individual Kit purchases, however, it is included if you purchase any of the Kit Combos.
Sure-Fit Designs Designing Stylus
4 Free Getting-Started Gifts with Subscription

You'll receive:
  • Instructions for this 'Pretty in Peach Princess Jacket' design
  • Instructions for the Color-Blocked T-Shirt
  • 4-pg. essential Guide to Sewing Notions
  • Drawing tool - Designer's Companion (**with 1st Kit order filled from the USA)

You will receive an email asking your to confirm your subscription. (Watch for this in your email Inbox.  If it's not there, check your Junk/Spam folder).  Then you'll be directed to the Subscription Gifts page where you can choose 1 or more of the Welcome Gifts (see revolving carousel below).
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SFD DVD Combo Save 29%
was $282.65
now $199.95
Works Combo PLUS:

Works Combo PLUS Save 36%
was $609.10
now $389.95
Dress Kit Combo Save 11%
was $139.75
now $123.95
Pants Kit Combo Save 10%
was $124.75
now $111.95
Shirt Kit Combo Save 11%
was $123.75
now $109.95
Men's Pants Combo Save 10%
was $115.75
now $103.95
Men's Pants Pkg Options:

3-Kit Combo Save 15%
was $278.50
now $236.75
the Works Combo Save 20%
was $356.40
now $284.95
3-Kit Combo-Vellum Size Options:

Works Combo-Vellum Size Options:

Dress Kit & Discounted Combos::

Pants Kit & Discounted Combos:

Shirt Kit & Discounted *Combos::

Children's Kit Combo Save 11%
was $95.80
now $85.95
Children's Kit & Discounted *Combos:

Men's Outfit Combo Save 15%
was $162.64
now $137.95
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