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Designing Stylus
Designer's Companion

The Sure-Fit Designs™ Designing Stylus is the KEY to this fitting, sewing and designing system. It is required for drawing off all of the Sure-Fit Designs™ pattern curves.  In one specialized tool, this drawing ruler has on it all the curves of your body - giving you great fit.  It is a 'MUST-HAVE' tool in order to draw these patterns.
  • Hip curve
  • Front Crotch Curve for pants
  • Back Crotch Curve for pants
  • Neck curve
  • Armhole curves for Dress and Shirt Kits
  • PLUS a straight edge
  • can be successfully used to correct the 'fit' of your commercial sewing patterns.
You simply can't ask for more...all your body curves represented on one unique drawing ruler.
Designing Stylus = $18.95
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The Sure-Fit Designs™ Designer's Companion is like a mini-Designing Stylus.  It offers tighter, smaller curved shapes...just great for:
  • Cuved collar edges
  • Curved pocket corners
  • Curved edge of a Zipper Guard
  • Mandarin Collars
  • Curved hemline detailing
This multi-use tool is truly an excellent companion
to the Designing Stylus.  Watch this video to see how.

Designer's Companion = $7.95
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