In case you're wondering if the fitting class might be just right for you, please read the following...

Thank you again so much for such a wonderful week. I learned so much and had such a great time with you and the other ladies. I appreciate all of your help and endless efforts to ensure I left with slopers that fit me. You are a gracious and encouraging teacher.  I  also look forward to sharing with all my sewing buddies the many things I learned last week. Again, many thanks for your patience with me and my fitting issues.
Kay W. - GA
If your local sewing group, guild or store would like onsite demonstrations/presentations, please contact me.
Glenda teaching at Our Sewing Room sewing studio - Springfield, OR.

Class size never exceeds 6 students - you all get individualized attention.

Sure-Fit Designs
Fit & Sew Retreat

March 2017 - FULL
June 2017 - FULL
Sept 16-21, 2017 - FULL
Nov 4-9, 2017 - FULL
2018 Schedule is not currently available

The 'Short List' - If you want advance notice of Retreat dates (before they are advertised to the general mailing list), email
Glenda to be put on the 'short list'.  These Retreats generally fill within 2 - 4 days of announcing them.
Glenda, you are an excellent teacher and extremely well spoken. Your classes are the best fitting classes I have ever taken and I can recommend them without reservation.  Your professionalism, expertise and courtesy create the perfect learning environment.
Kathy - FL
ASG 2017 or 2018 - Presentation Information
If your local chapter wants a personal visit, please call Glenda (541) 344-0422 (Oregon)
Watch this short video introduction and see a class in action.
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April 2013 Fit & Sew Retreat

July 2013 Fit & Sew Retreat

August 2013 Fit & Sew Retreat

My expectations were exceeded.  I came out of it a better seamstress on basic sewing technique as well and feeling that I can make my own designs and patterns.  This was way beyond what my personal goals and objectives were going into the class.  I have never used the grading system for patterns and everything fit so perfectly on the first try.  And it is was so easy – just connect the dots.  I loved learning how to fit right down to the perfect length of pant, prior to cutting anything out.
Jayna - OR
**** Although this is a 'fitting' class, basic to intermediate sewing skills are definitely required.
October 2013 Fit & Sew Retreat

April 2014 Fit & Sew Retreat

July 2014 Fit & Sew Retreat

The week was filled with knowledge, practical techniques, great ideas, effective teaching, very useful class materials -- we left overflowing with all of it, energized, and absolutely satisfied that we'd gotten our money's worth from the experience. It's a great gift to oneself, and all of it can be applied to whatever one wants to do for others, too. We not only got the secrets, but the key to unlock them! 
M.G. - Eugene, OR
Oct 2014 Fit & Sew Retreat

March 2015 Fit & Sew Retreat

May-June 2015 Fit & Sew Retreat

August 2015 Fit & Sew Retreat
Lovely ladies from near and far.

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SURE-FIT DESIGNS™ Pants & Bodice
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June 2016 Fit & Sew Retreat
With students from the UK, South Caroline, Indianna, Illinois & South Africa
Click here for Retreat pricing and details etc.
August 2016 Fit & Sew Retreat
Students came from the Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Canada, Oregon and our SFD distributor from the UK.
I am extremely difficult to fit because I am a ageing  plus size woman. I am short and have a  large low bust and rounded back as well as full hips.  Glenda made sure I had the assistance I needed each day.  The pant pattern fit almost perfectly the first try.  I've been sewing 60 plus years and this is the first time a pant pattern worked well for me.  The bodice pattern was close but needed a little tweaking.  Glenda made the adjustments showing me what she was doing and why on the last day.  She suggested I make a new test sloper and get back to her with photos so she can evaluate it.  Most instructors would not carry on after the retreat to help.  I am impressed and grateful.
H.W. - Salem, OR
Would you like to read a 'Retreat' story?

Hi Glenda,

It's me again, just popping off a note to you. This time it's a story:

I have been creating garments for my kids since they were young so I wasn't surprised when my younger daughter, who I went to Palm Springs with, wanted to go fabric shopping there. I wasn't really in the market for fabric but love to check things out. Kerri on the other hand, kept pulling out fabric, saying "this would look so good as a dress" and this will make great Santa sacks. She asked how many yards she needed for a dress and I told her, using your Yardage Cheat Sheet of determining fabric quantities to buy, Glenda. She ended up buying enough for 2 dresses.

When we got home, she came over with 2 pictures and asked if I could make these garments using her body blueprint. I figured they were simple enough but wondered about the wisdom of removing darts as these garments had none. Finally I made the pattern. Yesterday I made the muslin prototypes and today made the 2 dresses.

Kerri's comment is a testimony to using the Sure-Fit Designs system. She loves the dresses, which fit her to a tee. Her comment was, "mom, you have made me so many outfits but these ones surpass anything you have ever done! I am amazed at how quickly you pulled them together after making the pattern which fits me. I think it's due to that course you took in the States. It gave you confidence and lots of skills!"

I agreed with her. Taking your Sure-Fit Design retreat, Glenda, was the best idea I have ever had! I can fit myself as well as others and turn out some great designs using fabrics I never used before! Thank you so much for offering your retreats and sharing your wisdom so freely!

One happy Canadian Sewer!
Eileen McNeil

March 2017 Fit & Sew Retreat
Students came from the Texas, Colorado, Nevada, California & Oregon
June 2017 Fit & Sew Retreat
Students came from Canada, Texas,
North Carolina & California
September 2017 Fit & Sew Retreat
Students came from California, Oregon, Indiana and Illinois