Since 1982, the Sure-Fit Designs™ (SFD) pattern system of fitting and sewing patterns, has been offering seamstresses worldwide the opportunity to sew clothing from patterns that fit exclusively to their unique body shape and size.  The simple guiding principal of Sure-Fit Designs™ has always been that a sewing pattern should conform to the seamstress’s unique body shape and size rather than accepting second best with a traditional pattern not shaped to your body. With traditional sewing patterns, manufacturers establish ‘sizes’ to designate the appropriateness of their patterns for a specific body shape.  Over time home seamstresses accepted as normal the concept that their body was a certain ‘size’ and therefore a pattern in that size would naturally fit them.  Of course that did not turn out to be the case since many seamstresses must do extensive alterations to get the pattern to actually fit their body. 

  How can Sure-Fit Designs™ assist your sewing?
Sure-Fit Designs™ utilizes a fully graded ‘sloper’ pattern that offers a quick and easy system to achieve good pattern fit.  While the concept for multi-graded patterns has been part of the sewing pattern industry for many years, Sure-Fit Designs™ and Glenda Sparling does not claim to have originated or created the method by which Sure-Fit Designs™ products can be used to make wearing apparel.  The SFD pattern system requires you to utilize your actual body measurements and then apply them to the re-usable Master Patterns to customize a sewing pattern that reflects your individual shape, height and circumferences.  The Master Patterns provide measurements from 28” (71 cm) to 62” (157.5 cm).  Once you have taken your body measurements the accompanying books, tools, videos, and DVD’s show you how to apply those measurements, in a step-by-step process, to the Master Patterns.  The result is a customized or ‘Blueprinted’ pattern of your unique body.  Experience for yourself how beneficial this process can be for your personal sewing. 

  How do you connect your measurements dots on the Master Patterns?
To assist you in connecting your measurements Sure-Fit Designs™ offers the ingenious  Designing Stylus, (similar to a French Curve).  This tool reflects all the curves on your body and is designed to make the drawing of your customized pattern quick and easy.  Once you have applied your measurements to the Master Pattern, you connect the measurement dots together reflecting your basic Body Blueprint (sloper). But the process does not stop here.  SFD Kits, books, tools, DVD’s and FREE Videos show you how to turn that well-fitting pattern into a cornucopia of fashion styles and designs….AND best of all, in a pattern that fits exclusively to your individual measurements.  Any style of dresses, blouses, skirts, jackets, coats, evening wear, nightwear, vests, pant, shirts or children’s wear can all be designed to your unique shape.

  For over 30 years, seamstresses worldwide have already used this system for fitting and designing.  The benefits are numerous.
  • You can fit and sew for any person, no matter the height, width or body irregularities, quickly and easily every time.
  • As your body shape changes, you can re-use the patterns and tools for all your fitting and sewing – with no additional items necessary to achieve that great fit – thereby saving money.
  • You can sew any design/style you want and never have to purchase another commercial pattern.
  • You can sew with this system forever!  Its versatility never wears out!
  • You can expand your sewing, fitting and designing skills and talents at your own pace.  Every one of you has designing capabilities just waiting to be expressed.  Give them the opportunity to grow and express themselves and feel the fun and excitement of personal achievement.

  Doesn’t it make sense to design your own clothes from a pattern that fits your body, instead of always trying to work from commercial patterns that seldom fit you because the size is not quite what your body measurements are?  You will save time by not having all of those pesky alterations to do before you can even get sewing!  Just imagine your closet full of fashionable clothing sewn to fit exclusively you!

  Throughout this website, you will discover all the Sure-Fit Designs™ kits and tools required for achieving excellent pattern fit.  Each fitting/sewing kit contains the necessary Master Patterns (in an extremely wide measurement/size range), complete instruction books, plus other necessary components for drawing your personalized blueprinted pattern.  All instruction books feature directions that are clearly illustrated with step-by-step detail.  Or, if you prefer visual instructions, we offer FREE videos, and an informative introductory How-to DVD to assist your success.

  Included in the Sure-Fit Designs™ fitting system:
  • The Dress Kit – will fit anyone with bust and/or hip circumferences from 28” to 62” (71 – 157.5 cm).  Read more…
  • The Pants Kit (Ladies’) – will fit anyone with a hip circumference from 28” to 62” (71 – 157.5 cm).  Discover accurate crotch fit!  Read more…
  • The Shirt Kit (Uni-Sex) – offers women the ‘dartless’ bodice style, while giving men a perfect shirt fit - either casual or formal.  Read more…
  • Tracing Vellum – excellent high quality, durable, see-through tracing paper.  Rolls of various yardages and widths are available for greater flexibility.  Read more…
  • The How-To DVD – offers audio/visual step-by-step demonstration for drawing your Sure-Fit Designs™ Master Patterns.  Read more…
  • The Jeans Fitting & Sewing DVD – audio/visual step-by-step video of drawing and sewing your personalized jeans.  Be proud and happy with the best fitting jeans you have ever made.  Read more…
  • The complete Pants Fitting Course on DVD – In the comfort of your home you can take the SFD Pants fitting course….just like being in a class with Glenda!  3 hours of comprehensive instruction in a video format.  Every step detailed…taking measurements, drawing the pattern and then each sewing step shown in HD detail.  Watch, learn and be amazed with the results as your personalized measurements become well-fitting pants!  Read more…
  • Sew Sensational Shirts – new 24-page book.  Shirt styles for Women in new/current fashions.  Comfortable dartless, multi-fashion look for women.  Design book with 24 pages plus 1 ½  hr.  DVD with detailed HD video of pattern drafting and design work.  Read more….
  • Bodice Fitting Course on DVD - 3.5hr instruction specific and in-depth for the Dress Kit Bodice.  Every step detailed...taking measurements, drawing the pattern, sewing and fit evaluation.  Read more...
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